Monday, November 12, 2012

We LOVE Football!

Well, actually Robby loves football... 

Kate and I love everything else that comes along with it (the band, the songs, the mascots, the pom poms, the friends, the family, the halftime shows, the kettle corn, and the cheerleaders, of course!).  And baby Caroline loves snuggling with her mama the entire game in her baby carrier (and for the record, her mama loves that too :)!

We have been cheering on the Hoos and the Heels all year, and while we haven't won every game, we have had a ball and cheered our little hearts out!  We even made it to a game in Chapel Hill this year!    Kate sings "Da Good Ole Song," every chance she gets, and "Caroyina Blue" is her favorite color.  

Enjoy some photos from the season at UVA and our trip to Chapel Hill.

We love our matching UVA dresses (Thank you, Lisee and Poppy!!)

Wahoo Wah!

Pom pom and teddy in hand, and ready to go!!

And who doesn't like a good tailgate before the game!?!

Cheering with Aunt Ashley

Laughing with Dada!  Go Hoos!

Happy Hoos after a win!

And from our trip to Chapel Hill..

On our way to the Carolina game!

Our little cheerleader was ready for a Tar Heel victory!

We loved visiting with our favorite tar heel, Aunt Caroline!  

Baby Caroline and Amy before the game!

Tailgating with "Aunt" Marie!

Skip and Anne Collier came for the game!  It was so fun seeing them!  
Kate has been talking about "Uncle Skip and his girl" non stop since our trip!:)

Granddaddy and Aunt Caroline

This girl looks good in Carolina Blue!;)

Dada and his girl!  

Loving the game!

Granddaddy and his Carolina girls!

Watching the halftime show with Granddaddy!

I am not sure who she will be cheering for on Thursday night when the Hoos and Heels meet, but the good news is that one of her favorite teams will win! :)

And because I write this blog...

Go Heels!;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Wonderful Wedding Weekend!

On September 29, my dear friend, Meredith, got married, and Kate and I had the great honor of being in her wedding.  Meredith and I have been friends since middle school, and I am so happy that she and Woody found each other! :)

Kate was one of four flower girls, and her buddy, Turner, was a ring bearer.  Kate was so excited to have so many friends there!  When the ceremony was over and the reception started, our little girl turned into a party animal.  Who knew we were living with a dancing queen!?!  Gigi and Lisee and Poppy also attended the wedding and were ready to take either Kate or Caroline at a moment's notice!:)  

Meredith and Woody, we are thrilled for you both.  Thank you for including our family in your special day!!  

Enjoy some of the pictures of the gorgeous wedding and our little flower girl/ tiny dancer!
 Caroline and Robby hanging out and waiting for all "the girls" to get ready!  

What beautiful fall flowers!

My dear friend, Kat, was also a bridesmaid! Love her!

Someone is getting excited!:)
Kate's Aunt Ashley made the flower girl dresses and bows, and they were gorgeous!  Can you imagine being able to sew like that!?! She is so talented!!!    

The crew!  

The happy couple!

Meredith and her maids!:)

We were so honored to be in the wedding!

Family picture

Let the party begin!!

Lisee and Poppy were at the wedding too!  So fun!

A kiss for Poppy!

And a dance (or twenty) for Turner!

 So precious!

Kate loved dancing with Colin, Turner's little brother, too!

How could these kids be any cuter!?!

Showing off her moves!

So thrilled for these two!

It turns out that Kate inherited Gigi's love of dancing!

Turner and his daddy

Kate and her daddy

Okay, maybe Gigi is a party animal too!;)

Dancing the night away!

Someone was ready for a nap!

And then she woke up ready to party too!:)

What a fun night!  

Best wishes, Meredith and Woody!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby sister is growing...FAST!

Baby Caroline is growing at a rapid fact, some days I feel like we can hardly keep up!  Caroline is in the 90th percentile for weight and the 95th for height, and she's got the cheeks to prove it!;)  

Her allergic colitis is doing much better, and we haven't had any issues with it since July.  Thank goodness!!  We also determined that she has a milk protein allergy, so I have been able to add back the the other potential allergens to my diet...wheat bread never tasted so good!!  We went to a GI specialist, and he said she will outgrow her milk protein allergy sometime in the next year, which is also wonderful news!  

Caroline is also crawling like a champ, teething like crazy and stealing our hearts at every turn! 

  What a smile!

And because I haven't been that great about posting her monthly pictures....a quick flashback is below:


 And Caroline is not the only one growing up fast around here...

Big sister, Kate, is getting so big too!!